YouTube Subtitle Translate: Automatically Translate YouTube Captions

YouTube Subtitle Translate: Want to get more views on your YouTube videos? Want more subscribers? Well, if your content is accessible to more countries, you’ll automatically have more interest in your content. I regularly find content on YouTube that I would love to watch, but it’s in a language that I don’t understand. Sometimes the automatic translation can help get the general idea of a video, but it’s normally pretty awful. If you really want to grow your international audience, you need to provide accurate captions that people from around the world will appreciate.

YouTube Subtitle Translate

Okay, so this is how it works: Whenever you make a video for YouTube, they will automatically generate a transcription of your audio. This text normally has a lot of mistakes in it, and has no capitalization at all. Viewers might be able to get the general context of your video from these transcriptions, but they’re not clear at all.

Why Do I Need Captions?

Most people don’t realize it, but captions (subtitles) in your videos are incredibly important. I watch every movie with subtitles on because I have hearing problems. You don’t need to be deaf to appreciate subtitles, as there are lots of people around the word that have trouble hearing certain frequencies. However, there is a large portion of the population that are deaf and appreciate having accurate captions on videos.

Captions can also be translated into a variety of languages. Although your voice will be in your mother tongue, you can still reach a significant audience by translating your captions. By simply adding a few extra languages to my YouTube videos, I’ve massively increased the number of people that view my content. A large portion of the world speak English, but there are tons of Spanish speakers (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.), and lots of French speakers (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc.) and the list goes on….

Automatically Translate YouTube Captions

There are very few tools that are able to accurately transcribe and translate captions correctly. I use a tool called HappyScribe that does all of this quickly and efficiently. You simply need to add the link to your YouTube video and it’ll quickly import your video and create caption for it. Go through the captions to make sure that everything is correct, and then choose all the languages you’d like to translate it into. You’ll then be able to download all the translations from your dashboard and upload them to YouTube. It couldn’t be simpler to automatically translate YouTube captions!

You can choose from machine-translations or human-translations. I use the machine-translations as they are very accurate and super fast. You can drastically increase your views by spending just a few minutes to create translations for your videos. These translations are NOT made by Google Translate, they are MUCH more accurate.

Every successful YouTuber knows this secret already, and now you do too. So far, this is the cheapest and fastest way that I’ve found to create captions for my videos. Try it out for yourself here.