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Video Game Addiction: Is Gaming an Addiction?

Is Gaming an Addiction

Is there such a thing as addiction to video games? Is gaming an addiction? Who decides? As a long time gamer, I’ve heard both sides of this argument, but it’s never been from the people that are truly affected by it. You’ll have members of the public debating whether it’s possible or not, and doctors […]

New NES Homebrew Games: Modern Retro Video Games

New NES Homebrew Games – Modern Retro Video Games

All-old school gamers love their pixelated retro games from years gone by when video games were infuriatingly difficult. Those days are gone, but there’s still a small community of developers that generously invest their time to create modern retro games that can still send a chill down our spines. Here are a few new NES homebrew games that you should know about:

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