Hidden Game Gems: 3 Little Known Games

Hidden Game Gems Little Known Games

There are a variety of little known games out there that just weren’t expected to be a success, and some hidden game gems that have been overlooked. There are games that guide you through mystical worlds and others that can completely alter your perceptions of what great really is. From platform games to first person shooters, there are tons of games out there to discover. What I aim to do with this article is give a well-earned shout-out to some of those games that many PC gamers may not have heard of, because gaming isn’t just about leaderboards and XP.


Kerbal Space Program

hidden game gems kerbal space programI start my series of shout-outs with a game that is currently in Alpha state. The little known game known as “Kerbal Space Program” is essentially, a game where you build and fly spaceships and “spaceplanes” into space, and get to start your own space program. But you don’t build and fly for humans, oh no, you build spaceships for a cute little race of aliens who are desperate to reach their version of the Moon, known as the “Mun”. It may sound like a cheap copy of successful creation game “Spore” but it really is quite good, especially with it being in such an early development stage. We can expect many more new and fun things to muck about with, and then maybe one day , I might actually get around to starting my own space program.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

little known games Euro Truck Simulator 2The second game on the list, is a hidden gem that was picked by Steam Greenlight, and is loved by many famous PC game YouTubers for its unexpectedly addictive gameplay. Euro Truck Simulator 2 was one of the finest simulator games I have ever played. Its graphics are beautifully crafted – from the raindrops hitting the windscreen, to the rain splashing on the road as you drive through it.  You can explore various routes throughout Europe. Each road looks different, and each country you drive through has its road signs and speed limits different compared to where you’ve just come from. The other vehicles on the road are very responsive; they stop for fuel, pull into road-side rest areas and will even  try to overtake you on a country road – if you let them….


Cry of Fear

Hidden Game Gems Cry of FearNow here is a game which has made me wet myself (not literally) quite often. Cry of Fear is a free downloadable horror game from Steam which runs on the Half Life engine. Don’t let critics’ comments of “overrated mod” put you off at all, as this game is the cleverest and scariest horror game I have EVER played. Sure, the graphics are not up to today’s standards but that’s the only issue I could find.


A little warning before you begin: at the start of the game there’s pop up which says something along the lines of “this game may cause depression, self harm or even suicide.” I thought it was an attempt to be funny, but after playing it for about 2 hours, I realized they were quite serious. The AI is very clever; the developers stating that “they follow you everywhere” is an understatement. I love the use of the phone as a flashlight and think the whole concept of this game is a major win.


Voice acting is clear, and I love the the creepy setting. There is also a co-op mode which I understand to be based on a group of police officers attempting to stop the events from the first game from happening, but I am too hooked on the single player campaign to fully focus on the co–op just yet. This game is nothing short of brilliant – and it’s completely free.

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