RetroN5: One Combo Console to Rule Them All

RetroN5: One Combo Console to Rule Them All

This is for all the retro gamers like myself who have lost their beloved cartridge consoles to age. With time, all consoles eventually stop working and you’re left with some well-worn controllers and a heap of cartridges. The release of Hyperkin’s RetroN5 is a godsend to gamers as it will give life again to some of the most frustratingly difficult games ever made, once again.


The console has 5 slots that are compatible with NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA Advance and Famicon cartridges. The GBA slot can also play GB Color and original Gameboy games. This brings it up to a total of 7 different playable consoles in one. If you include Super Famicon and Megadrive games, that brings us up to a grand total of 9 – talk about combo consoles.


As well as the traditional aerial output, the RetroN5 also has and HDMI port for up to 720p output and comes with a wireless Bluetooth controller that can be remapped to work with any game. You can also use up to 4 of your own Bluetooth controllers if you feel like a bit of multiplayer. If you’ve kept any of your old controllers, they’ll all work perfectly with this system. It even allows you to mix and match controllers with different consoles. So if you want to use an SNES controller to play Genesis games, that’s not a problem. This is fantastic for those of us that prefer certain controllers over others. You also have the ability to remap buttons on your original controllers, for those games that just weren’t developed right.

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The thing I love most about this console is that fact that it removes all region locks and compatibility problems. This means that you can play NTSC and PAL games all on the same console. As the games are basically being emulated by the system, it allows for some useful features such as saving anywhere you like and speeding up or slowing down gameplay.


There’s no release date as yet, but stay tuned to TangledTech for more news. You can now get your hands on the Retron 5 from Hyperkin.

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