Proper Golf Grip – Golf Grip Technique

To find a proper golf grip, you have to understand that there is no purely perfect one out there. Every person will need to find which grip they find more useful and comfortable. You usually use the baseball grip when you begin as it is common and comes quite naturally. Between the interlocking and overlapping grips, there is still dispute on which is better. Well-known pros are known to use both of these so either of them would be good. Find which one seems most comfortable to you and stick to it.
Grasping the grip too hard slows down your swing speed and can cause you to slice the ball. Slowly release some grip pressure with each consecutive swing until your shots improve. You will notice your speed improving as well.
Attempt different grips and different pressures and you will see your shots change every time. From this you will be able to conclude which is the proper golf grip for you and spend less time chasing your golf ball in the rough.


Proper Golf Grip – Driving

How do I drive a golf ball further? This is too common a question these days. With lots of practice on my part, I am now completely confident in my drive. Once you have developed a proper swing, you will find it easier to obtain distance.

You will need to correct your stance first by ensuring that your feet are are just wider than shoulder length apart and bend your knees a little. Make sure that your not standing too far away from the ball during your swing. Many golfers think that they will get a stronger swing in by doing this but instead this may cause a slice. Stand closer and notice the difference in your swing.

Too many golfers are putting all their power into a swing. By doing this they also cause slices and hooks, significantly decreasing distance. By applying less force to ball, the ball travels further because the impact will be better directed.

If you’ve ever watched professional golfers, you will know that their power comes from their torso, not their arms. By watching your weight shift and keeping in rhythm you will improve your swing. Always make sure you follow through fully on a swing, whether it’s a tee-off or a putt. After every swing, besides putting, your body should be facing in the same direction as the ball.


Techniques to Improve Putting in Golf

Putting techniques should be paid special attention in your golf game to ensure that you can end a game quickly when the opportunity arises.

At address the ball should be placed in the right position to ensure that you can hit it the optimal spot with the correct part of the putter while sending it in the right direction.

For best results, the best golf ball position is slightly ahead of the center of your stance. This is the best way for you to place an ascending blow during contact. This will result in a better forward roll of the ball and lead it to the hole.

When placing the ball, drop it from the bridge of your nose and it should land in the best possible place. Before swinging, ensure that the ball is directly below your eyes. You can then use your line of sight to direct the ball better.

If you would like to improve your game all around using the same techniques as myself, use this guide to multiply your chances of an improved game.