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Give Me A Lucky Number!

Give Me A Lucky Number

Give Me A Lucky Number: Ask and you shall receive. Are you just looking for one lucky number or are you looking for 6 of them for the lottery? Is it for today, tomorrow or next month? When it comes ...

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Numerology Lucky No Today

Numerology Lucky No Today

Numerology Lucky No Today: We use numerology to understand ourselves and world around us. It can give us a clearer perspective on things happening in our lives at the moment, as well as things to come. We often see certain numbers ...

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MCM London Comic Con Review 2014

MCM London Comic Con 2014

With London Comic Con 2014 now in my rear-view mirror, I thought I’d take some time to highlight the highs and lows of my experience. As the doors were to open at 9am sharp, I hightailed it there and arrived at about 8am to skip the queues.

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Video Game Addiction: Is Gaming an Addiction?

Is Gaming an Addiction

Is there such a thing as addiction to video games? Is gaming an addiction? Who decides? As a long time gamer, I’ve heard both sides of this argument, but it’s never been from the people that are truly affected by ...

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