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I remember when I first started writing on my first blog. Like many I used a WordPress setup with a plethora of plugins thrown in. I discovered rather quickly that it was more work than I’d bargained for.


The thing with writing is that you don’t simply create an article and publish it. There’s actually a lot of stuff that get’s done in the background like in-depth research and image editing, for example. I usually have 20 different tabs open in my browser with image/video editing software running in the background. Eventually it all starts to become a bit of a jumbled mess and it’s rather difficult to keep track of what you’re doing.


So I started searching for some useful software and tools that could help me with my organizing problems. There are a lot of really good bits of software out there but these are the one’s that I use daily to keep my head from exploding.


I tried searching for some helpful bits of free software but instead I found websites with 100 of links to their “favorite” software. Now, I have A LOT of software and games on my PC but I don’t have 100’s.


I really don’t need links to Chrome, Firefox or Picasa. I know they’re free and I know that they’re available. Their advertising is fantastic and I’d have to be blind not to notice ’em but what I really needed were a few pieces of software specialized for organization.


So below you’ll find my personally top-rated most useful software list:


xNeat Clipboard Manager


xneat clipboard managerThis is probably the most useful bit of software on this list and perhaps on most other lists as well. I’m sure you’ve found yourself going from one tab to the next copying and pasting information. It’s a slow back-and-forth process that’s unnecessarily annoying and tedious.


Usually when you copy a bit of text and paste it somewhere, if you copy something else – it overwrites the last bit of stored information.


xNeat Clipboard Manager stores all your bits of text on it’s clipboard and when you’re ready to paste, simply press Shift+Ctrl+V to see a pop-up list of everything you have saved.

Official Website





switcherSwitcher is a beautiful and simple way to switch between windows on your PC. You will need Windows 7 or Windows Vista with the Aero option active.


If you don’t know what Aero is, don’t worry, it’s always active unless it’s been switched off by you.


Basically this software allows you to use a shortcut that will display all your open software in little square boxes on the screen, making is easy to change to find what you’re looking for immediately.

Official Website



paint.netPaintbrush or as it’s known these days, simply as Paint, annoys me to no extent. It’s saved me a few times when I’ve needed to do some quick and easy editing – but for the most part, it’s quite rubbish.

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