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Kanye Quest 3030 – Kanye West fanmade game

Kanye Quest 3030 – A Kanye West Fan-Made Game

Independent game developer Phenix has created Kanye Quest 3030, a fan-made Kanye West game. Made with RPG Maker VX, this Windows game plays like a Japanese RPG but with a modern hip hop twist.

On his way to take out the garbage, Kanye inadvertently steps into a wormhole, sending him into the year 3030. As opposed to the regular attack, magic, and skills menu we’re used to in RPGs, instead he’ll need to “diss”, “brag” and show off his “rap skills” in order to survive.


Trapped in a world ruled by Lil B, Kanye will have to join forces with the clones of Jay Z, Eminem and other famous rappers to fight against the non-stop army of clones eager to kill him.


There’s a nice bit of instrumental hip hop music thrown into the game and is a definite treat for any rap and hip hop fans that enjoy RPGs. In a world where headphones are a usable item and swag is a currency, Kanye Quest 3030 is a remarkable idea brought to life.¬†If you’re looking for something modern and very different, give Kanye Quest 3030 a go. You can download it for Windows¬†here.


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