7/10/14 and 30 Day Liquid Diet Results

7,10,14 and 30 Day Liquid Diet Results

7/10/14 and 30 Day Liquid Diet Results: Everbody is different and every BODY is different especially when it comes to weight loss. So instead of giving you one persons results on a liquid diet – I’ll give a breakdown of multiple individuals and the results they’ve obtained using a breakthrough new liquid diet that’s still fairly unknown but is quickly becoming the most popular method of weight loss.


This diet was created by a woman named Elizabeth Swann Miller and is cited as a new approach of detoxifying your body. The science behind it is based on a  decade of medical research and revolves around cleansing your body of toxins by use of a specially designed tea. There’s not much else to it – simply sticking to drinking this special brew daily, adding a little activity to your schedule and altering your mindset towards to weight loss. The system is designed to detox your body within 14 days, meaning that everyone should be able to stick to it.


Here’s Elizabeth M’s breakdown of her experience in losing weight and self development. Her liquid diet consisted of a special herbal tea proven to target fat cells and detox the body. Her initial start with this diet was actually in Africa before she brought the recipe back for the US market.


30 day liquid diet results red tea detox

red tea 30 day liquid diet results

7/10/14 and 30 Day Liquid Diet Results

Day 7: I have noticed that I’ve been sweating less. Even in the intense heat of 105 degrees – my breathing has gotten easier.

Day 10: I feel more relaxed and calm. My thought process is now clearer and I’m seeing the world in a new light.

Day 14: My stress is all but gone and my anxiety has dissipated completely. I am finally feeling happy.

Day 30: The tea has forced my body to lose my stubborn fat. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds.

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Elizabeth has released a full video detailing her discovery of this recipe and her weight loss journey.


We’ve also collected some other results from this vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and all-around healthy tea recipe. Below you’ll find other accounts of the results of this program.


Detox Reviews:


7 day liquid diet results


Debbie H from Dallas: Debbie stayed on the diet plan for 14 days and lost a grand total of 15 pounds. She later decided to reapply the plan and complete another 14 days in which she lost another 11.5 pounds.



14 day liquid diet results


Mark T from Minnesota: Mark managed to kick his soda habit and sugar cravings using this program. His 14 day liquid diet results was a loss of a grand total of 17.1 pounds in total. He says that life is so much better when you are thinner, and it’s easier than you think.



30 day liquid diet results


Melissa T from Kansas: Her 30 day liquid diet results was the loss of 32 pounds. She says that she now feels fantastic and proud that her waist size is now as small as it was in high school.



10 day liquid diet results


Emily from Miami: Her 10 day liquid diet results was the loss of an incredible 16 pounds. She says that she never felt hungry while drinking the tea. She managed to lose the weight she wanted without feeling deprived either.



As I’ve stated before – our bodies all work differently and burn fat and different rates. However, it’s clear to see that this miracle tea has some incredible results in a very short timespan. If you’re interested in hearing the full story behind this tea, a full synopsis of the people interviewed here and, of course, the recipe that made this all possible. You can find more information here.