Windows Phone Pros – Is A Windows Phone Upgrade Worth It?

pros windows phone upgrade

Windows Phones are not nearly as popular as  iPhones or Androids, but thanks to their ever-growing features, more and more people are switching to Nokia , HTC and Samsung  “WP’s” and who can blame them? So let’s take a look at some Windows phone pros and why it may be worth it to get an upgrade.


Firstly, let’s take a look at the home screen. Consisting of  virtual buttons known as “Live Tiles,” these are re-sizeable and move-where-you-like tiles that have apps pinned to them, giving you instant access to Facebook, Twitter, or games such as 4 pics 1 word and others. By changing the theme, from perhaps orange to teal, the tiles, all your text bubbles, and your email subjects (and so on) will all follow suit, making it very pleasing to they eye. It can mirror your mood on a certain day, or just satisfy your obsession with color coordination. The whole system itself is very fluid, and the touchscreen is one of the best touchscreens I have ever used on a phone.


My second reason is the usage of the Bing search engine. By pressing the magnifying glass button on the phone, Bing pops up. Not only does the background image change every day to match Bing’s featured image, but it also has a barcode reader, a local scout, voice command and some very useful music recognition software – all without the need of downloading additional apps.


A third reason to consider a Windows phone upgrade is the XBOX companion. You can view achievements, customize your avatar, look at what your other friends are up to and even add to your achievement points by playing XBOX mobile games such as Extreme Stunt 2. Very useful if you can’t get enough of XBOX Live.


Reason number 4 is very useful if you have a lot of office work to do, such as spreadsheets and  presentations. Microsoft Office on Windows Phones is one of its best features. Save your documents to the cloud from your computer, and continue working on it from your phone. Even for a mobile version, Microsoft Word on the WP has many desktop features such as changing font color and adding comments to specific words. This is very useful if time is not on your side.

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