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Top 5 Video Media Players for Windows 7 in 2013

Top 5 Video/Media Players for Windows 7 in 2013

Number 3 – Media Player Classic Home Cinema (Free)

MPC HC is very similar to the original Media Player Classic that we all had with earlier versions of Windows except that this one has an abundance of features.

It is capable of playing most media types with the remainder simply needing the addition of a small codec pack.

Of all the players in this list, this is the only one that does not require installation. It can be played directly from a USB stick or from your external hard drive.

As lightweight full-fledged players go, MPC HC is unrivalled.


Number 2 – Splash Pro Ex Player (Paid/Trial)

I absolutely love Splash Pro Ex. I tried the 30 day trial and have to say that this gives one of the best video experiences possible. There aren’t many options available but then – they aren’t really necessary.

Splash Pro Ex has this incredible Motion feature which increases the framerate of your movies up to 60fps. This removes the choppiness that is noticeable in action scenes.

To see an example of how it might look, check this out.

The only nags I have with Splash Pro Ex Player are the limited options and the huge amount of resources required for video playback. Don’t even think about multitasking while watching a video.

All in all, this is a great player and if you’re looking for a player that simply works straight out the box then look no further.

Number 1 – Potplayer (Free)

My number one favorite video player is one that I’ve started using exclusively since I first started using it. It’s small, quick but fully functional and completely free called Potplayer. Read more about Potplayer in the article Best Free HD Player for Windows 7/8.

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