Top 5 Video/Media Players for Windows 7 in 2013

Top 5 Video Media Players for Windows 7 in 2013

There are tons of video players online and more appearing at a staggering rate which makes it pretty difficult to decide which one is best (and best suited for you).

I know that since Window Media Player comes standard with all Windows installations, most people never bother to change their media player until they can’t play a certain video file.

We’ll then download some new software(usually VLC) and go on with our day, never realizing that there are some extremely good video players on offer.

Here’s a list of our top 5 video players(both free and paid versions). We’ll be looking at quality, speed and overall qualities to choose our number one option…


Number 5 – VLC Media Player (Free)

Up until recently, if you asked me which was the best media player, I would have instantly blurted out VLC Media Player. That’s because this player has served me well many times over the last few years.

With the constant barrage of new media formats ever increasing, I found myself steadily attached to VLC and it’s consistency of playing every file I threw at it. It also managed to fix broken files and (though there are numerous ways to modify it) it worked straight out of the box.

Though VLC remains on my PC as a backup player, I’ve found that other video players have stepped up to the plate while I wasn’t looking and have managed to overthrow VLC in terms of options/ease of use.


Number 4 – Cyberlink PowerDVD (Paid/Trial)

PowerDVD takes video playing one step further by offering to convert 2D movies into 3D on the fly. Please take into account that you will need a 3D TV or PC monitor to take advantage of this feature.

PowerDVD also has the TrueTheater feature in all it’s latest incarnations. This feature allows you to upscale SD content to HD along with various other video fixes.

It’s beaten out by other players mainly because it’s a resource hog. Due to it’s various features, it does need a lot of CPU usage but this does not excuse it from being a resource hog. It’s a paid software but the price is quite competitive especially compared to Cyberlink’s other products.

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