Project Logan – The Best Mobile Graphics Card on it’s Way

NVIDIA Project Logan- Best Mobile Graphics Card

Taking, not a step, but a leap further than the upcoming Tegra 4, NVIDIA’s Project Logan is looking to redefine graphics on mobile devices and become the best mobile graphics chip by a mile. This new technology has only been teased so far, but from the little that’s been seen, it’s amazing what has been achieved so quickly.


Using its Kepler architecture, Project Logan will provide graphical performance that we’d expect to find on next-gen consoles. Kepler is the first GPU architecture that’s been designed to scale from supercomputers all the way down to mobile devices.


“We’ve been working on rendering faces for some time, ever since GeForce 256. We try it every single generation. Because this is an endeavor worthwhile,” said NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at the GPU Technology Conference. A demo, which you can see below will show off the graphical advancements of facial expressions that are possible with this new technology.


The most impressive part of this chip, is that it can run on a mere 2 to 3 Watts of power as opposed to the 250 Watts that a high end card would need to achieve this level of realism. With the release of this card, we could be looking at doubling or perhaps even tripling the battery life of our mobile devices that we use for media. Just take a look at a comparison between Project Logan and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan GPU which is the most powerful single-GPU gaming processor available:


NVIDIA Titan vs Project Logan


The next-generation Unreal Engine 4 is already able to run on this fantastic new chip, so we can expect more graphically intensive gaming coming to our mobiles devices in the future. NVIDIA has said on their blog: “But this is only the beginning. Simply put, Logan will advance the capability of mobile graphics by over seven years, delivering a fully state-of-the-art feature set combined with awesome performance and power efficiency.”


All I can say is, “Bring it on NVIDIA!” I can’t wait. Here’s another demo of what’s possible with Project Logan.