Gaming on the Go : PS Vita Portable Gaming System

gaming on the go – portable gaming system ps vita

Gaming is a massive part of 21st century technology, both at home and for gaming on the go. Next gen consoles, PC gaming in its prime, advances in portable gaming systems and even virtual reality are all reflections of the strides that have been taken over the past few years. When you’re on the move, whether in a car, bus, plane or during a dull day while on holiday, and you fancy a bit of gaming, what are you meant to do? A couple of mobile games on your smartphone? Not at all, as there are excellent portable gaming devices available to ensure that you “never stop playing”.


One of my personal favorite portable gaming systems is the PS Vita. It is everything you could want from such a small – but big enough – portable console and so much more.  It comes with not one, but two VGA cameras which is a nice touch, a touchscreen as well as a rear touchpad and, bluetooth and wifi connectivity. There’s optional 3G connectivity which isn’t very useful. The gaming quality of this device is visually stunning, and it has dual analog sticks which makes gaming on the Vita a pleasant and natural experience. Its 5 inch OLED screen is large enough to enjoy top quality gaming but still small enough to fit into a pocket. This is far superior in processing power to other handheld gaming device in it’s generation. It’s homescreen and bright, attractive interface really do add a sense of personality to the device. It may just be the most user-friendly portable gaming system on the market.


The apps are pretty amazing too. I can video call using Skype, message my PlayStation friends using the “Group Messaging” app, and purchase and download content from the PlayStation Store. Not to mention the Facebook and Live Tweet apps which will keep you up-to-date with your social networking needs. The price may put you off slightly but you definitely get what you pay for, especially with upcoming game conferences like E3, you’re sure hear more about new and exciting titles for the Vita. The one that I am particularly looking forward to is Killzone Mercenary which looks pretty impressive and is sure to reflect the true gaming capabilities of the Vita.


The six-axis gyro tilt-to-aim function makes your games more immersive and sometimes more challenging. The in-built microphone allows you to talk to your friends using the Party Application whilst playing games for cross-game chat. You also have a built-in GPS to find people in your immediate area and play with them via the Near Application. I have fallen in love with this nifty new console, and now, I’m finally a fan of portable gaming. I doubt I’ll ever feel the need to play a game on my phone again .

If you want an amazing gaming experience in the palm of your hands, look no further .