Android Gaming Consoles: Ouya, GameStick, Gamepop and Green Throttle

Android Gaming Consoles Ouya, Gamestick, Gamepop, Green Throttle

As we impatiently await the arrival of the PS4 and is new Xbox, a new breed of console is entering the market. Android gaming consoles seem to be the next big thing and though we’ve yet to see the full capability of these machines and their services, their sure to be big. Android consoles will hit the market pretty soon, but as time goes on, more and more companies are bringing their own version to the market. We currently have 4 big contenders: Ouya, Green Throttle, Gamestick and Gamepop. We’ll always have multiple consoles released in close succession to each other but which of these consoles will stand the test of time?

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Android Gaming Consoles:


android gaming system: ouya
I’ve been excited about Ouya for quite awhile and it’s probably the reason for my growing interest in android gaming consoles. Ouya is pushing limits and looking upend traditional console gaming by creating a console that is completely open for gamers to open up and tinker with. Every Ouya also comes with creation tools for would-be game creators. Sporting a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space (upgradeable via USB) and full 1080p HD, Ouya has some decent specs for a low cost console. Initially, the thought of playing Final Fantasy III on the big screen drew me towards Ouya but as I researched it, I found more and more reasons to get excited.

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android gaming system: gamestickGamestick is the next Android gaming console that looks to hit it big. They market themselves to be the world’s smallest gaming console and their claims seem to be rather accurate. The GameStick console, as the name implies, is console that resembles a USB stick but sports a Amlogic 8726-MXS processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB storage space (upgradeable to 64GB via the GameStick dock).

The GameStick dock (sold separately) allows for the addition of accessories like mics, cameras, keyboards, mice, etc. It’s most prominent feature though, is that it allows for wireless charging of the controller by simply placing it on top of the dock. With my ever increasing tangle of cables and chords, this would be very welcome.

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