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Honor 6X Make Music Louder

Honor 6X – Make Music Louder (Is Your Volume Too Soft?)

The Honor 6X is a great phone except for one audible problem. The volume is way too soft! If you want to make your music louder, read on… This is a great phone – and once you’ve upgraded to Android Nougat it gets even better. It’s solid, fast and has more features than any budget […]

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Make Techno Music

Make Techno Music – Electronic Music Production

Do you want to make techno music from the comfort of your home? Learning to Make techno music isn’t as difficult as you’ve been led to believe. With a little bit of help, you’ll find that it’s simple, fun and fast to put together amazing dance tracks. You don’t need to spend days researching the […]

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Guitar for Idiots

Guitar for Idiots – Learn Easily

Guitar for idiots! We’ve covered piano already, now it’s time to look at easily learning to play the guitar. This article is focused on first timers as well as those that have tried before and eventually given up. I spent a couple days each week practicing on my acoustic until my flatmates complained about the […]

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piano for idiots

Piano for Idiots – Learn Easily

Piano for idiots! What a way to start an article, right? As a self-confessed idiot, I’ve tried to my hardest to learn both piano and guitar. I own books, DVDs and even some VHS cassettes (yip, I’m getting old). They normally get me through the basics but more often than not I start to lose […]

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Making Hip Hop Beats

Making Hip Hop Beats from Home Guide

Thinking of making hip hop beats for a new track? If you haven’t used any software before, it can be quite daunting to get started. A good hip hop beat can be quite complex to create but is a necessity when building your own unique sound. You’ll need loops, drum kits, kicks, snares and many […]

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MBLOK expandable memory

MBLOK – A Miniature Hard Drive with Massive Potential

A new device has hit Kickstarter today and it may well be the answer to our portable storage problems. MBLOK, by Kwelea Inc., has a storage capacity of up to 256GB which will allow users take huge amounts of files and media with them on the go.

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Punk Classics 8-Bit

Punk Classics Remade Into 8-Bit Retro Gold

I love punk rock and I love retro gaming, so when I heard about Punk Goes 8-Bit’s new album, I was quick to download it. Basically, he’s converted 12 punk rock songs into 8-bit high quality MP3 versions of themselves. There’s a variety of songs to

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Best Lightweight Music Player for Windows 7 and 8

Best Lightweight Music Player for Windows 7 and 8

If you’re finally ready to make a change and try something new, there are plenty of decent music/media players free to download online with great feature sets. I’ve read a number of Top 5 and Top 10 lists on the best lightweight music players

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