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Fix a Golf Slice – Correct a Slice in a Golf Swing

Correct a Slice in a Golf Swing

To fully cure your slice you will need to work on various factors including your balance, stance and overall swing technique. By making slight modifications to each of these, we can reduce the chance of a slice. I’ve learned to develop a rhythm to my swings. If you rush your backswing too much, you may […]

Proper Golf Grip – Golf Grip Technique

To find a proper golf grip, you have to understand that there is no purely perfect one out there. Every person will need to find which grip they find more useful and comfortable. You usually use the baseball grip when you begin as it is common and comes quite naturally. Between the interlocking and overlapping […]

Golf Swing Mechanics – Golf Swing Perfection

Golf Swing Mechanics

So you want to learn golf swing mechanics? Don’t even think about getting an expensive tutor to teach the secrets of swinging a golf club. No matter what people say, there is no one perfect swing that is going to make you a master. You can make your own perfect swing by endeavoring. Here’s some […]

Bio-Mechanics of the Golf Swing – Proper Way to Grip a Golf Club

Bio-Mechanics of the Golf Swing

Bio-Mechanics of the Golf Swing Most bad shots are caused by bad wrist swing action. This is due to the fact that we naturally feel comfortable controlling the golf club with our hands and this causes the breaking of the wrists.   There are 2 directions that your wrists can make during a golf swing. […]

Golf Swing Mechanics – How to Drive a Golf Ball Far

How to Drive a Golf Ball Far

This article is all about developing a proper golf swing release, which is one the least understood golf swing mechanics. This lesson is essential to playing a good game of golf and learning how to drive a golf ball far and straight. The power of your shots originate at your golf swing release. When you […]