Does Trump Really Have Coronavirus (Covid)?

Does Trump Really Have Coronavirus Covid

Does Trump Really Have Coronavirus (Covid)? – News broke yesterday that both President Trump and Melania have tested positive for Coronavirus. But how trustworthy are these reports?

After Hope Hicks tested positive for Covid-19 after the presidential debate, Trump and his family were retested. Who is Hope Hicks? She is a political advisor serving as a senior counselor to Donald Trump. It’s not certain whether she passed the virus onto Trump, or vice versa. Their positive results may be completely unconnected. There’s really no way to tell.

However, after Trump’s embarrassing performance during the presidential debate, as well as his historic avoidance of condemn white supremacists, it may be a way for him to avoid further interviews. Trump lies on such a regular basis, both in person and on Twitter, that it’s difficult for the news cycle to keep up with all of them. Certainly, if he were to avoid the media for 2 straight weeks, they’d have moved onto his next lie or insult.

Does Trump Really Have Coronavirus (Covid)?

There’s 3 main trains of thought that you should have in mind at the moment. In the first one, Trump is fine and is simply avoiding the media (and possibly the next debate). In this scenario, he’ll probably spend most of his time calling into Fox News for sympathy votes, and avoid all other media agencies. He’ll likely start to promote hydroxychloroquine to push up the stock price and make a nice profit off of the pandemic. Classic.

In scenario two, Trump has Coronavirus but is asymptomatic. This will pretty much play out the same as the first scenario. Trump will return from his quarantine in 2 weeks, proudly showing off his positive test and pronouncing that it’s not as bad as everyone says it is. “Fake News!”. This is a very likely scenario and will further brainwash his followers that Covid-19 is not dangerous.

Scenario three has Trump showing symptoms. At 74 years old, he’s definitely in the risk category. Although most would prefer this scenario to counteract his denial of the lost lives so far, this would have very serious and negative effects on the stock market and economy. Having a president is frail health makes traders very uncomfortable and uncertain. And the thought of having Mike Pence step into the presidency is downright terrifying.

Right now, we can only wait and see. If Trump or Melania start showing symptoms, it would make things a lot clearer. Regardless of the outcome, let’s just hope and pray that Mike Pence never gets a promotion.