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Punk Classics 8-Bit

Punk Classics Remade Into 8-Bit Retro Gold

I love punk rock and I love retro gaming, so when I heard about Punk Goes 8-Bit‘s new album, I was quick to download it. Basically, he’s converted 12 punk rock songs into 8-bit high quality MP3 versions of themselves. There’s a variety of songs to listen to from some of my favorites to others I’ve never heard of. The inclusion of The Offspring and Blink 182 really got me excited about this one.

Punk Classics 8-Bit

You’re sure to find at least a few songs that you’ll like on this album but if, like me, you’re disappointed that some of your favorite artists are missing, there may still be hope. Punk Goes 8-Bit has completed 2 additional albums which will be posted in the coming months. You can head over here to check out his first album.

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