Making Hip Hop Beats from Home Guide

Making Hip Hop Beats

Thinking of making hip hop beats for a new track? If you haven’t used any software before, it can be quite daunting to get started. A good hip hop beat can be quite complex to create but is a necessity when building your own unique sound. You’ll need loops, drum kits, kicks, snares and many other producer packs if you hope to be successful. But don’t let all these terms put you off. With the right software and little bit of practice, you’ll be turning out number one tracks in no time. Let’s look at the basics:

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Making Hip Hop Beats


Like any other piece of music, there are rules that govern the structure of it. The main ingredients of a good hip hop or rap beat are the kick, snare and hi-hats. You will need to place them in a sequencer in a consistent manner to get the beat right. If they are put together haphazardly, you’ll ruin the flow of the beat.



Most, if not all, beats are made using a repetitive loops. You can pick and choose the best instruments for the job, but most are sure to be looped into the track. You can use different instruments and sounds to convey various emotions throughout your track and really bring it to life. For the chorus, a simple yet catchy loop will suffice. Some of the best tracks have used the simplest of loops throughout.

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The Bassline

This is probably the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when thinking about making a hip hop beat! The bassline is, of course, very important. Once you’ve written your loops, it quite easy to build a decent bassline along it. Your bassline shouldn’t be too abrasive. A subtle bassline should be added to complement the music and not drown it out.


Effects and Mastering the Track

When making hip hop beats, you might want to add a bit of reverb to your snare or perhaps bass boost your kick a bit. Do a final check to ensure that your volume isn’t too soft or too loud. And ensure that beat isn’t drowning out the melody. Once you’re sure that it sounds perfect, it’s time to master your track.


Putting It All Together

If you’ve used music creation software before, you’ve got a huge selection to choose from. Most are quite similar but will include different effects and instruments that could make or break your beat. I use low cost award winning software to create my beats from scratch. It has a simple interface and comes with 50 professionally engineered preset patterns that are completely customizable. It’s easy enough for beginners but can be used for professional music creation.