Guitar for Idiots – Learn Easily

Guitar for Idiots

Guitar for idiots! We’ve covered piano already, now it’s time to look at easily learning to play the guitar. This article is focused on first timers as well as those that have tried before and eventually given up. I spent a couple days each week practicing on my acoustic until my flatmates complained about the constant noise. I slowly lost confidence in my progression and gave it up. It took me years before I found the confidence to give it a try again.

Tip: If you haven’t purchases a guitar yet – I’d recommend getting a set like this one that comes with an acoustic guitar as well as an amp. In this way, you can plug headphones into the amp and play your guitar silently without disturbing anyone else in the household. It’s also a lot less stressful when neighbors can’t hear each and every mistake.


Negative Thoughts

Most people give up their dream of playing a guitar due to pure negative thinking. They assume that all instrument players must have been born with some sort of latent musical ability. Others just think that they are too old to get started. This type of negative thinking affected me as well, and lead to me writing this guitar for idiots guide. I can assure you that regardless of age of ability, it’s absolutely possible to learn to play guitar – if you put your mind to it. So let’s get started.


Step 1: Learn 2 chords

Some of the biggest artists and probably lots of songs you love can be played with as little as 2 or 3 chords. By learning a few basic chords and slowly putting them together to form a known song – your confidence and ability will skyrocket!

Strumming feels strange at first and it will take some time for your fingers to learn to adapt to these strange gestures you’ll be making. Soon enough though, these will become second nature to you. E-major and A-major are good places to start as a lot of rock songs use these chords. And if you throw in a B-major, you’ll be able to play most Blues songs as well! Once you’ve learned a couple chords, it’s time to move to step 2.

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Step 2: Get Some Rhythm

Learn a few basic chords is actually quite easy, and we’ll show you how later. But once you’ve learned them, it’s time to get some rhythm going. The best way to do this is to play along to your favorite songs. Some fun and easy songs to start off with are – Love Me Do (The Beatles), Stay With Me (Sam Smith), With or Without You (U2) and The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars).

You’re not going to sound amazing, but just try to strum when you hear a note you know and try to stay in tune. You’ll soon be able to add more notes to each song as your progress.


Guitar For Idiots – Courses

Regardless of which course you decide to use, you will need to practice regularly to steadily improve and to maintain your muscle memory on finger placements. Nothing beats practice, hands down!

My favorite guitar course recommends as much practice as possible. However, I was able to overcome initial learning problems with only a few minutes of practice each day. Spending a little time each day strumming away is also a great way to switch off and just relax. It actually became an important part of calm down routine after a rough day at work. And as you improve each day, the calming effects increase as well.