How To Earn A Living Without A Job

How To Earn A Living Without A Job

If you’re trying to learn how to earn a living without a job, you’re either an eccentric or a visionary. Most people have settled for the 9 to 5 lifestyle and will “happily” work into their late 60’s trying to make enough to enjoy their golden years. This mentality of working your life away has somehow become the norm and it amazes me how people simply accept this as their life without ever reaching for something more.



I have many friends that work all year round in order to make just enough money for a short getaway trip. Maybe they’ll head over to Spain for a week or to an island – and then it’s straight back to the daily grind to save for the next year. With prices ever increasing, it’s getting more and more difficult to make even this simple.


How To Earn A Living Without A Job

So, how do you go about earning a living without having a job to support yourself. The secret is that there is not secret. With the dawn of the technological age, there are a countless number of people that have used technology to create wealth without needing work day in and day out. Now, I’m not talking about online surveys or game testing or whatever other scammy “work” that gets pushed on unsuspecting readers – I’m talking about setting up something that will create residual income whether you’re online or asleep. For a full write-up on how I make enough money to travel the world – check out how I earn a living without a job.


Now, before I came across this information – I tried the following:

Paid Surveys
Freelance Writing
Virtual Assistant
Data Entry
Pay to Install Software


None of these made me any reasonable money. I will say, however, that data entry was the best paid (effort-wise) out of all of these when working for the right client. This did, however, mean that I would be working 8-12 hour days. If you’re okay with working long hours then give data entry or freelance writing jobs a try – there might be something there for you.


So What Did I Do?

If you’d prefer to make your money the easy way with as little effort as possible then read on. I don’t like to think of myself as lazy. I like to think that I’m an opportunist that will take hold of future opportunities and use them to the best of my ability to make quick hard cash. My parents didn’t have the same opportunities that are available in this day and age, and it would be a waste to let them go to waste. For more info on the easiest way to make residual income online and how to earn a living without a job, check out this guide.