Using Second Life in 2013 – Online Chatting with an Avatar

Using Second Life in 2013 – Online Chatting with an Avatar

Are there still people using Second Life? Yes there are, if you know where to look. The virtual world craze has died down over the last few years but if you’re late to the party, you can still have some fun on sites like Second Life. Social sites like Facebook allow you to chat with people you know but virtual worlds allow you to have conversations with people from all over the world.


If you take a walk through Second Life, you’ll notice smaller clicks of people hanging out and chatting. These veterans have been around for ages and have stuck with the site through thick and thin. Lots of people have left the site over the years, but that is to be expected with this kind of site. That’s not to say that it’s barren. You have to take 2 things into consideration:

  • 1) With different time zones and some people not logging in every day, you might find fewer people online sometimes as they’re elsewhere or in bed.
  • 2) Second Life is a massive place and people are spread out everywhere, so you may need to explore a little bit to find the busy spots.


Here’s a few tips to get you started chatting in no time:

When you first sign up, head over to the Shelter, White Tiger Island or NCI Kuula. You’ll run into some volunteers there that will be happy to get new residents settled. They’re pretty much around 24/7 so I’d head there first to get acclimated.


You should also do a search for event listings and head over to place that looks like it might draw a crowd. Some clubs only have a few events a week and are pretty barren the rest of time, but you’ll also find some that are busy all day. When you find a place that you really enjoy, be sure to join their group and you’ll be notified when next they have an event.


Online chatting using an avatar is not for everyone, but it can be a fun distraction from day-to-day life. You have to remember that Second Life works similar to real life; if you want to have a chat with someone, you need to approach them and start up a conversation otherwise they’ll just continue with whatever they’re doing. And as it is in real life, most times when you talk to someone, they talk back.


Second Life is all about doing things that you may not have the chance to do in your regular life. If you’re an art fan, head off to one of the art museums. If you love Disney, try out one of the Disney theme parks. Music lovers can find a club playing their favorite genre of music and strike up a conversation. The possibilities are endless with a little bit of imagination.

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