How To Improve Weight Transfer on a Golf Swing

Improve Weight Transfer on a Golf Swing

How To Improve Weight Transfer on a Golf Swing – The basic foundation of any golf swing comes down to your legs. Your lower body has to support all movements made by your upper body rotations, this is known as balance.

In order to maximize the potential of your swings, you need to learn how to improve your weight transfer on your golf swing. When a weight shift occurs during a swing, your lower body slides away from the ball, while your upper body edges towards it. This is how a slice occurs. By fixing slight errors in our golf swing mechanics, we can correct our slice.

The best way to complete a proper swing is to have only your upper body moving for the initial part of the swing and let your lower body add itself when the time is right. By allowing your body to naturally form it’s position, it will allow for better shots.

You can help to develop better balance by taking multiple shots from inside a bunker. The sandy footing inside leaves you with little grip. By swinging from here, your body will have to maintain it’s balance by curbing any unnecessary movements. This will train you towards a smoother swing adding more distance.

You can find many more tips and drills to completely recreate your golf swing and fix any problems you may have. Head over to: How to Improve Weight Transfer on a Golf Swing for more tips and tricks


Grip Golf Success With These Techniques

An improved golf grip technique will benefit your game immensely. There is no second guessing this statement. Of course there are many other factors that may influence your game but even the most minute details need to have the proper attention paid to them.

As we know, using a light grip can be a huge problem in golf. Many times, you won’t really notice that you’re doing this until you hit that unthinkable slice. With practice you will eventually be able to tell exactly which golf grip you’re using with each swing.

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The neutral grip remains my favorite grip by far. I have managed quite strong hits while still maintaining a fairly neutral hold of my club. Try spending more time on the range working on this will make a huge improvement in your game.

You will also need to choose a grip from the list of overlapping, interlocked and baseball grips. Never feel shy to fiddle around with each one of these and find which is most comfortable for your. Don’t listen to the professionals telling you to always go with the overlapping. I’ve been using the interlocking grip for years with much success.

If your drive is terrible and ball is nowhere near it’s intended destination, then you may need to change your golf grip technique. It could be something as simple as this that fixes up your game once and for all.


How To Improve Weight Transfer on a Golf Swing

What is a proper stance you may ask? Everyone has their own unique way of playing golf. This will include various stances and grips. Each to his own, i say. The problem comes in when the ball becomes a hazard to other players by not going anywhere near it’s intended target. With trial and era, most players will learn quite quickly their own unique style of play. Some need that extra bit of help.

As taught by most teachers, the rule of thumb for stance is arms down but not out. This is the best position to able to make a full swing. You will also try to keep as close as you can to the ball. This sounds a bit strange you say? Well, it’s true. A common problem is golfers trying to get more power into their swing by having a huge space between themselves and the ball. The swing however cannot be directed efficiently from this distance and could result in a slice.