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How to Drive a Golf Ball Far

Golf Swing Mechanics – How to Drive a Golf Ball Far

This article is all about developing a proper golf swing release, which is one the least understood golf swing mechanics. This lesson is essential to playing a good game of golf and learning how to drive a golf ball far and straight.

The power of your shots originate at your golf swing release. When you have followed all the rules and have a proper golf grip and stance positioned, your body will coil in a kind of spring action as you make your backswing. The spring is full set once the backswing has reached it’s peak.

When you begin your downswing, your arms and hands will rotate as the club face approaches the target. This is the release of your spring action and is where you will be able to generate your maximum power and speed. When you learn to control your swing release, you will be able to add extra power to those long drives.


How to Drive a Golf Ball Far


If you want to increase the effectiveness of your spring action, there is a simple drill to follow. Swing the club into your backswing and stop at about waist height. Continue into your downswing and end your follow through at waist height as well. By practicing this simple drill, you will get a better feel of the rotation of your arms and hands. This will increase your awareness of the power and speed that this can create. Once your wrists have gotten used to snapping through shots, you will be able to drive golf balls far and straight.

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Golf is great game but it can be stressful when you struggle to improve your golf swing. If you would like to learn more advanced tips to put you head and shoulders above your competition, you can read more here.

Sometimes you may think you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to help. Don’t give up hope, there is always a secret tip or two that can make a complete change.

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