Fix a Golf Slice – Correct a Slice in a Golf Swing

To fully cure your slice you will need to work on various factors including your balance, stance and overall swing technique. By making slight modifications to each of these, we can reduce the chance of a slice.

I’ve learned to develop a rhythm to my swings. If you rush your backswing too much, you may lose power on your downswing. You may find that if your slow down your backswing to a steadier pace, you will be able to preserve some energy that can be used in your downswing.

If you complete a swing and don’t feel balanced in your end stance, then your swing is incorrect. Do not simply fix your posture afterwards to regain your balance. You need to analyze your entire swing to find a way to keep your body in balance through the full motion.

If your head moves at any time during a swing, you may either slice the ball or negatively affect it’s overall distance. To prevent this, you need to keep your head as motionless as possible and only allow yourself to look up when your shoulders cause you to do so.

Don’t forget to check your setup before each swing. Your feet should be aligned and positioned to point towards the target.

Take these tips with you to your next game and give them the appropriate amount of practice. It’s useless learning a new technique and never putting it to any use. Always go the range with something that needs to be accomplished as this is the best way to develop your swing.


Correct a Slice in a Golf Swing


Take the effort out of golf and just enjoy the game. When you know all the little secrets, you will be amazed at how well you will be able to play. For more detailed golfing tips, check out this article.

We often go to the range to try and improve our overall game. If you go with a general idea in mind, little progress can be made. Next time you go, I want you to know exactly what you want to improve even before you leave home. By keeping your focus on this idea, you will learn faster.

If your goal is perhaps to learn to swing correctly to increase your driving distance, try to follow these tips:

Go to your local range and just start swinging. Forget about ball direction and only concentrate on your goal. Stay relaxed and continue to take swing after swing until you start noticing a difference.

As you should know, the right hand plays a passive part in a golf swing and should be regarded as more of a guide than anything else. Using your right hand to add additional power will only cast the club and reduce your distance.

Holding your golf grip with the right amount of pressure will help you to swing correctly. Spend some time simply swinging on the range again, but this time I want you slowly release some of the pressure on your grip. To really put power into a swing, we usually end up squeezing all life out of our clubs. A completely neutral grip will help to stop slices and ultimately add yards to your swing.

Take note of your position in relation to the ball. Though it seems logical that having a greater distance between yourself and the ball, you will have a greater swing area and make a better shot. The thing you need to remember is that the best way to hit a golf ball is to use a steep swing path. You will need to stand closer to the ball in order to achieve this.

Don’t get too stressed by mishaps that you may have in golf. Mistakes are very common and can be easily fixed with the right knowledge. Relax and try to enjoy your game. If you need more detailed tips to have an edge in your next game, read this.


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