Best Way To Sell My House As Is

Best Way To Sell My House As Is

Best Way To Sell My House As Is: Selling your house “as is” means that you want to sell it in its current state. It should be clear that no further repairs will be made and that the house will come with all of its current problems. Before you can complete the sale, the buyer will have to sign that they understand this upfront.

It may seem daunting to sell a house “as is” but there are many buyers that plan to do extensive renovations already, so the gripes you may have with the house may not be as important to them.

Remember, you have to disclose any and all issues with the house. You are legally obligated to answer any questions about the current state of the house. You cannot intentionally hide or misrepresent faults and issues. Downplaying faults to try to get a higher pricer from the buyer, could actually cost you more in legal fees in the long run.

Information That Must Be Disclosed

Here are some specifics that must be disclosed:

  • Damage from Termites
  • A Leaking Roof
  • Structural Defects (major crack in the foundation, etc)
  • The Appearance of Mold
  • Major electrical or plumbing issues
  • High Radon Levels above the EPA limit
  • Obnoxious noise levels
  • Legal issues such as a cloud on the property’s title

Easy Upgrades You Can Do Before Selling

You want to sell your house as is, but you also want to make a decent profit from it. If you have a little time on your hands, a few changes can make a house sparkle. So here are some easy upgrades you can make that can drastically increase the price:

  • Caulking in bathrooms and kitchens
  • A fresh coat of paint (neutral colors only – white, cream, etc)
  • Replace light fixtures and bulbs
  • Deep-clean your carpets

Major Upgrades You Can Do Before Selling

For those with a bit more time on your hands, major upgrades will make the biggest change to the condition and price of your property. I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t how “as is” works. Well, we’re not talking about completely renovating your home, but for those some time to spare, doing even one of these things, will allow you to ask for a higher price.

Here are some things that you can address:

  • Dealing with mold, termites or water damage
  • Furnace replacements
  • Foundation damage
  • Replacing the roof
  • Repairing pipes, the septic system, or sewer connection

Benefits of Selling My House As Is

Now that we’ve looked at some things that you can do to improve the price (without completely renovating), here are some benefits of selling your house as is:

  • Quick Sale

If you’re looking and purchasing a new property or simply need funds quickly, selling as is will allow you to put your property on the market sooner – and sell sooner.

  • Saves Money

Doing extensive renovations can be very pricey. By selling your property as is, you can save a lot of money.

  • Cash Buyers

Most people who sell their homes as is, usually end up selling to cash buyers. Cash sales avoid realtor fees and you get your money sooner.

  • Less Stress

Selling a home can be stressful at times. Trying to make a property look a way that it hasn’t for years, can be stressful for even the most patient person. Selling as is, can keep your blood pressure down by making the sale quickly and moving on to other business.

Best Way To Sell My House As Is

  • Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection will allow you to identify all the problems that your house has. With this information on-hand, you will be able to honestly give your buyers the information they want.

  • Get Repair Estimates

This one is great for the buyer and seller. Once you have an estimate for potential repairs, you can explain to buyers what costs they might have going that route. They will appreciate you being forthright about costs.

On the other side of the coin, if a buyer tries to inflate how much repairs might cost – you will have your estimates on paper to show them. This will make your property more attractive, as buyers will know potential costs upfront.

  • Price It Fairly

Make sure that you use your repair estimates to calculate a price that is fair to both parties. If there are a lot of repairs that need to be done, be sure to take a sufficient amount off of the price.

  • Honesty Is The Best Policy

As we’ve mentioned before – tell your buyers everything. There are many buyers that have specific plans for your home and what you think is a huge problem, may be nothing for them. It’s also essential in preventing future legal troubles.

  • Be Flexible With Your Price

Buyers will negotiate to bring down the price considerably. It’s just something that comes with selling a home. Your home has a lot of sentimental value attached to it, and you may feel that it is worth way more than is being offered. Stay fair to yourself but be open to some concessions in order to finalize the sale.

Extra Repairs (if needed)

If you’ve been at it awhile and your house is still not selling, you may need to do a few repairs to hook a buyer. See what the main issue buyers have had with your property and attempt to fix it. Roof damage and plumbing issues are a huge turnoff to buyers and may deter even the most interested parties.

With this information, you now know the best way to sell your house as is. It comes down to honestyn, preparation and flexibility. Best of luck!