What Food Has All The Nutrients You Need In It

What Food Has All The Nutrients


What Food Has All The Nutrients You Need In It: There are so many diets out there that’s it’s becoming a minefield to choose which work and which don’t. Whether you’re in it to lose weight or build muscle, you need to right foods in the right quantities to make progress. I realized after years of working out – that I could spend all day every day in the gym and not see any progress. The absolutely most important thing when it comes to gaining or losing weight is what we put into our bodies. Here’s my story of how I manage to lose weight, gain muscle and find the magic food with all the nutrients I could possibly need. I recommend reading the whole thing to live a few months in my shoes. I’ll also reveal what food has all the nutrients you need in it at the end.


How I managed to Build Muscle in 3 Months

As a thin-looking guy, I wanted pack on some muscle as soon as possible. But after years of training and not seeing results, I assumed by genes were working against me and it would be impossible to ever gain muscle. I had tried every machine in every gym I joined over and over again. I tried doing split routines and I tried just going hard on everything. Nothing would do the trick. I gave up my dream of a perfectly sculpted body and resigned myself to being average.


A few years later, after a messy breakup, I decided to give it one more go. This was the time to transform myself and do all the things I had promised to do many times in my life. So after a bit of research, I purchased a book off of Amazon. This cheap purchase changed my life forever. I had done some research on this form of weight training and had seen lots of info online already but when I tried it out in the gym, I found myself with lots of questions that I couldn’t find answers to.


My Exercise Routine


This book explained everything I needed to know simply and concisely and covered all the little bits of info that were neglected elsewhere. It even told me what foods to eat to make gains. This is not a book about exercise, it’s a life guide! I felt like an expert on the topic when I re-entered the gym later that week, and managed to build muscle in 3 months – incredible gains. My chicken legs and skinny arms were gone.


In their place were manly muscly body parts that I couldn’t believe were mine. By simply doing fewer exercises a certain way, I was able to rebuild myself into someone stronger and bigger. Although I now felt much less intimidated going to the gym to workout, I found that buying my own weights to use home made it easier to squeeze into my schedule. This cheap set on Amazon was perfect for my needs and allowed me to do a quick workout before or after work in my sleeping shorts. Not having to get dressed and drive to gym makes working out less stressful. Also – I have gym showers and changing room. I avoid them at all costs!


Like I said earlier, in order to change your body, your diet is the most important thing. To truly build muscle in 3 months flat, you’ll need to religiously stick to eating well. So, although I now knew exactly what exercises to do and how to do them, I still wasn’t getting the right food into my system. I knew that I needed some protein powder in my diet but they are marketed so strongly online, I wasn’t sure which were actually any good. Every forum said something different.


Half a forum would love one product and the other half would hate it. Some protein powders didn’t mix properly while other didn’t taste great. I didn’t really care about taste at the start, having the impression that I would drink anything that would help me to add muscle. But when you have to down this drink every day, taste becomes the most important thing.


The Most Important Thing I Did to Build Muscle Fast


I gave up on searching online for info as it all seemed very biased and, instead, spoke to a friend of mine that had put on some serious muscle over the years. His approach to weight training never worked for my skinny frame but his recommendation on a good protein powder was integral in my weight gain. This protein powder had me growing at an inhumanely rate (p.s. cookie and cream flavor is amazing!). The scale just kept ticking up day after day.  I was getting just the right mix of nutrients to build the perfect body.


It only took 3 months to build muscle to the size that I wanted – to go from looking like a skinny boy to a man. Of course, I didn’t stop there. I gained a lot of confidence from my dramatic change in body type which led me to continue working on myself over the years. An important thing I realized as well was that I needed to give up all alcohol for those 3 months to see these dramatic changes. If you binge, you’ll lose your progress. Once you’ve gained the initial muscle, it’s much easier to maintain.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t skip any meals
  • Don’t ever skip your protein shake daily intake
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Sleep lots
  • Give up alcohol for 3 months


How I Lost My Excess Fat


Once you’ve put on the right amount of muscle for you – you may want to get that ripped look that every guy dreams of. If you’re looking to get ripped or just to lose some stubborn weight, I’ll give you some tips that WILL work to get you in shape. The first thing I want to mention, although it’s in the book already, is to keep using heavy weights. There’s this silly thing always said online that heavy weights are used for building muscle and lighter weights for losing weight. This is extremely incorrect.


When you’re burning fat and eating a bit less, you won’t be as strong as you usually are. In turn, you won’t be able to lift the heavy weights you would when you’re building muscle. However, you do still need to be giving your body a good workout to see changes. If you’re just moving arms about with very little effort, why bother going to the gym? You could do that from the comfort of your home. You want to use weights heavy enough to keep your muscles intact but light enough to not overtax your body. The book will guide you to the exact weights to use, and make it easier for you.


What To Do Differently


Burning off that stubborn fat is easier than you think, once you know what to do. You’ll need to follow the exact same workout routine I mentioned earlier and the same weights. The book will also guide you as to what foods to eat for losing fat and maintaining muscle. You will still workout the same amount of times per week and try to sleep well and lay off the alcohol as much as possible. The only thing that I changed was my protein powder.


The one I used for building muscle has everything I needed to put on weight fast but has too many calories for when I’m trying to get cut for summer. A protein powder like this one is better suited for anyone trying to lose weight and not lose muscle. The double rich chocolate flavor tastes great as goes down easily. I’d strongly avoid the vanilla flavor though, as I found it quite watery and disgusting. Everyone has their own opinion, of course, but I’ll stick to what I know.


What Food Has All The Nutrients You Need In It

Now for the kicker. Protein shakes have a lot of great nutrients in them but they are designed for people wanting to build muscle. Your diet needs a complex mix of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants to function at peak performance. I only learned about this food that has all the nutrients a body needs a few years ago. My body looked better than ever but I started losing energy and feeling fatigued sooner each day.


After a few weeks of research on what food has all the nutrients your body could need led me to a singular item. I learned of a product that combines all your superfoods into one product designed to detoxify your body, boost your immunity, reduce stress, improve your overall health and provide mental clarity. This incredible organic product is gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO and vegan. I found that I could also mix it directly into my protein powder for a tasty treat. It was more like a delicious mint chocolate dessert than a complete nutrition health drink.


Between the foods recommended in the book I mentioned earlier and this organic product – I wake up feeling rejuvenated every day. It’s still important to sleep well and drink lots of water to ensure your body remains healthy. Of course, quitting drinking and smoking is always advised and it’s done me wonders, but I can’t expect everyone to follow my route. Start with what you can do now and do the rest step by step. Start with the exercise program and the protein powder to start off with. As you get stronger and feel better, you’ll feel like smoking/drinking less and wean yourself off of it automatically.

It’ never too late to change your life for the better!