What New Games are Coming Out? Here’s a few…

What New Games are Coming Out

After the E3 game conference, the gaming community is now looking forward to a whole world of next generation gaming. So what new games are coming out soon? From quality open world games to exciting platformers, there are so many games to be excited for, and this article should give you a better idea of what’s offer to get your blood pumping. These games will all be available on the PS4 and Xbox One next gen consoles:


Watch Dogs looks brilliant. From what I’ve seen, it’s an open world game where everything electronic is hackable. You go from hacking the the odd CCTV camera to causing a blackout throughout Chicago. It looks like a fun experience, using a clever portable device to raise or lower a bridge to escape some angry police in hot pursuit. You can drive cars, commandeer boats, use a variety of weapons and use your hacking device to cause all sorts of chaos to get to the heart of the storyline in pursuit of street justice. I’m pretty excited for this game, especially considering it’s a bit of a techy, more sophisticated GTA. It’s a great title to show off the capabilities of next-gen consoles.



At first, I wasn’t too sure about Destiny, the new fps by the creators of Halo. It could be a catastrophe, or it could revolutionize the way we think about multiplayer gaming. Well, after checking out the demo, I think it’s going to be the second option.

This open world game, set in a mythic science fiction world looks absolutely incredible. The demo they showed off at E3 was just a small insight into the universe of Destiny, but that little bit was enough to knock my socks off. We saw big guns, cool enemies, and an inspiring co-op mission. I can predict excellent sales for Destiny, and I’ll be waiting impatiently for its release.

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