SEGA’s Castle Of Illusion Remake Looks Fantastic

SEGA Castle of Illusion HD Remake

I’m all about remakes and demakes, so it’s no surprise that I’m so thrilled about the upcoming release of SEGA’s popular game Castle of Illusion. The remakes will have a 2.5D gameplay with 3D graphics, and from what I’ve seen so far – the game looks amazing.


Back to save Minnie Mouse once again, Mickey will be bouncing on enemies in HD as soon as August. It’ll be available for PSN, Xbox Live and PC. Though Mickey is well-known as a character for kids, gamers know that he has been included in some of the most entertaining games ever made.


SEGA is working hard to make this game as close to the original as possible, so if you’re a fan or looking for a great side-scrolling game to play, be sure to check out Castle of Illusion – coming soon.

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