Pokemon Go: Update, Ditto and Future


The latest Pokemon Go update, currently being released in the USA, Canada and Australia, looks to improve upon the “Nearby” and make it easier to know exactly which Pokemon are around. And Ditto has finally made an appearance, so it seems that Niantic have some good ideas on how to get the player base interested again.

So the latest update will now show what Pokemon are near a player when they are near a Pokestop. So whenever you are near a Pokestop, you’ll be able to view Pokemon that are at the stop or close to it. However, for players in areas that are have few Pokestops in the vicinity, this update will not help them much at all.

Niantic have been quite good at listening to users feedback and are making changes to make the game more accessible and fun with each update. The addition of Ditto is another reason for us to believe that there are many more exciting changes coming to Pokemon Go. There are many hardcore players that have reached high levels, caught tons of Pokemon and have become bored. It’s little updates like this, the previous addition of the buddy system, and catch bonuses that will help to keep current player interested and bring back players that have wandered off.

Ditto is here…

Now, just like in the anime series, Ditto will look like another Pokemon in the game. This means that you will have to catch a lot of random Pokemon that you might normally ignore if you want a chance at filling out your Pokedex.

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Once you have your Ditto, take it to a gym where it will transform itself into the first Pokemon it sees. It’ll remain this way for the remainder of the fight. If, however, you have to fight against another Ditto – there will be no tranformation, and you’ll just have to struggle your way through the battle.

So get your phone fully charged and get out there – there’s a new Pokemon to add to your Pokedex!