New NES Homebrew Games: Modern Retro Video Games

New NES Homebrew Games – Modern Retro Video Games

All old-school gamers love their pixelated retro games from years gone by when video games were infuriatingly difficult. Those days are gone, but there’s still a small community of developers that generously invest their time to create modern retro games that can still send a chill down our spines. Here are a few new NES homebrew games that you should know about:


New NES Homebrew Games


Streemerz is an action platformer that has the lead character using a grapple hook to navigate his way through treacherous level after level. It only takes a few seconds to get used to not being able to jump, and you’re on your way grappling from one ledge to another. Streemerz was originally a flash game which you can find here (original flash link) but has now been demade into a retro NES game.

This is a high quality game that great gameplay that’s difficult but fair. You’re also blessed with unlimited lives because you’ll die a lot……A LOT!



Blade Buster

Blade Buster is a space shooting game that holds nothing back. It’s a smooth, polished experience that really would have pushed the NES to it’s limits, had it been released many years ago.


The graphics look incredible with vibrant colors and fast-paced action. For a fun-filled space shooter, look not further than Blade Buster.



Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril and Battle Kid 2 

The original Battle Kid game was an action-packed 2D platform game that’s quite similar to the old Mega Man games. You fight your way from room to room, and face a menacing boss at the end of each level. This is a one-hit and you’re dead kinda game so you’re going to need a certain level of skill to make it to the end.

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Battle Kid 2 doesn’t ease up at with the difficulty. It’s got the same brutal difficulty as the first that will make you want to throw your controller….but you won’t. It’s a fantastic retro-styled game that will truly put your reflexes to the test. After every death, there’s an onscreen death counter to keep track of your hundreds of deaths on your path to glory.