How to get Free Steam Keys / Games Online


If you want to get free steam keys and games, you’re in the right place. Steam Summer Sales, Steam Christmas Sales, Steam Halloween Sales – there’s a plethora of sales that’ll help you bag games off your wishlist all year round.

However, it’s always nice to be able to grab a free game now and again. From indie to AAA titles, you can get some of your favorite games completely free of charge if you know how and where to look. Over the years, I’ve collected a number of great titles and haven’t had to spend a cent towards them! Here’s how to get started:


1. Alienware Arena (read on to get free points before signing up)

Alienware Arena has been around for ages but I’ve only just recently come across it. This website consistently gives away 1000s of free games to users. This is how it works: Alienware Arena has a giveaway page which normally has free DLC or closed betas for users to collect their free steam keys. Every now and again a great game pops ups and 1000s of keys are handed out – the most recent memorable game being Shadow Warrior!


All you have to do is log in and claim your game. Now, obviously if everyone logged in at the same time, the keys would disappear in minutes, so to offset this the games are given away in levels. The higher your level, the sooner you can grab a steam key. I got Shadow Warrior at level 3. To get from Level 1 to Level 2 literally took me less than 2 minutes. Upload a couple screenshots of your favorite game or comment on a few posts and bang – you level up. Here’s a list of ways to get easy points.

You also get a points boost by using a referral code, see below:



2. TremorGames

TremorGames is a website where you can play a variety of small unpublished games but also gives you the opportunity to “buy” games using points that can be easily earned directly on the site. From the menu, if you click on the Achievement tab, you will have a list of games that you can play to earn points. You can also earn points by clicking on the “Get Coins” tab and watching videos, doing quizzes, completing surveys, etc. Many tasks will give you over 100 coins for completing a task that only takes a few minutes, and I’ve bought some great titles for as little as 79 coins. From Broken Sword to Metro 2033 to Fallout 4 – there are tons of games to choose from.


3. Vizzed

Another interesting site I’ve been using for many years is Vizzed. Vizzed has found an ingenious way to offer a host of SNES, SEGA, PS1 and many other console games for free, as well having a marketplace where you can “buy” games using another easily available currency-of-sorts. Basically you earn points or “Viz” every time you visit the site after creating an account. You can also earn Viz from chatting on the forums, entering contests, or reviewing your favorite games. You basically earn points for doing what you do each and every day.


These are the sites I use daily to grab some free games. Check this page often and I’ll update when I find more easy ways to get free steam keys online. Happy gaming 😉