Game of Thrones Fan-Made Retro Platformer Released

Game of Thrones 8-bit Fan-Made Platformer

A new Game of Thrones game has been released and this time it’s in glorious 8-bit. Though Game of Thrones is the best series on TV, the games haven’t faired so well. This little nugget of gold from developer Abel Alves is actually quite fun to play. Abel’s fan-made tribute to Game of Thrones has good gameplay and wonderful retro-style music accompanying it.


It has some simple mechanics with Z as your action button and X for magic. It’s a platformer game that takes you through various parts of the series/books allowing to play as some of your favorite characters. This is a must-play for all hardcore Game of Thrones fans.

You can download the game here. Though the site is in Spanish, the game itself plays in English. Simple click on the link marked “Clic aqui” to download this free game.


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