Best Shoot ‘Em Ups You Must Play Before Next-Gen

shoot em up farcry 3

With so many games released on the  current generation of consoles, it’s tough to know what which games are worth your time . There are so many amazing games out there and even if you do get the time to play all of them, it will cost you a ridiculous amount of money to purchase them all and kill your social life. So, this article will pretty much sum up the best shoot em ups that you need to play before the PS4, Xbox One and other new video game systems are released.

Best shoot em ups to play Turok

The first game is one of the earlier games released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Turok was a blast to play. Powered by the Unreal gaming engine, its graphics were enough to blow you away and really engulf you in the game’s rich, exciting story . The clever mix of  human and dinosaur fights was intriguing. Dinos randomly jump out at you requiring you to do bloody takedowns with a combat knife really made the game an action-packed experience. The characters you encountered along the way were all pretty unique, and the more you fought alongside them, the more emotionally attached you got.


Cutscenes were not too short, or too long, and were always a joy to watch, resulting in you always looking forward to what was next to come. Turok was also one of the first games to use a health regeneration system instead of a health bar system, making the game much more fun, instead of being annoyed by constantly looking around for health packs. The weapons used in the game were unique, and you could even duel wield the odd pistol or SMG to make suppressing enemies a fun and stylish experience. The multiplayer was not nearly as entertaining as the single player campaign but it had its moments. The Co-Op, however, was great fun to play, and made for some memorable moments. This is a must play for all shoot ’em up gamers.

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best shoot em ups haze

The second game was pretty underrated. Haze had a very intriguing storyline which pitted you against some bad guys, who turn out to be the good guys….


This was one of the first console game I recall that had such an effective twist in a thick storyline. The visuals weren’t great but weren’t terrible either for a PS3 game. In-game you could consume a drug known as ‘Nectar’ which, when taken, had some unusual effects on the player. This was an interesting twist for the video game industry as it added depth to the gaming experience by boosting morale and doing all other kinds of crazy stuff.


Now despite bad reviews for this game, I recommend you do have a go at it as it’s got that little bit of something different that a lot of other shooters don’t. It’s not for everyone but it’s one of those hidden game gems that you don’t want to pass up playing.

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