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best coins to invest in

Best Coins to Invest In – Cryptocurrency: So you’ve learnt how to day trade but still don’t know the best coins to invest in? There are many good coins on the market but many more doomed to fail. How do you tell the difference? The key is research! If you believe in the team and technology behind a coin, you’ll be confident to ride the waves through uncertainty until you profit.

If you buy a coin that costs $1, in order to double your initial investment, you’ll need that coin to reach $2. Many coins do not have the technology to reach 10c much less $2. However, if you buy a coin at $0.01, you will double your investment as soon as it reaches $0.02. When it comes to cryptocurrency, when you find a coin that you believe in, it’s best to get in early while the price is low and simply be patient until your time comes.

Here are some of my favorite up-and-coming coins. At the time of writing this, they all cost less that $0.01 and each has their own unique feature that I believe will make them successful.

KIN [Mercatox Exchange]

KIN is a currency that can be used in everyday use for all transactions within the Kin ecosystem. Its debut will be on the Kik instant messaging service and will be live by Q3 2018. Unlike many new coins, Kin will be launched on a platform that already has millions of users, making for seamless integration into an instant audience. Kik users will be able to use Kin to compensate each other for advice, content, etc…

Kin has a very large coin supply, however, this is necessary as it will be a service coin used by millions of active users. If you get a good position on Kin in the early stages, you’ll gain a profit long before the coin ever reaches $0.01. With that in mind, I think Kin is one of the best coins to invest in.

Kin can be traded with both BTC and ETH on Mercatox.

SwiftDemand(Swift) [Swiftdemand]

Swiftdemand is an attempt at a global income currency. Basically, by signing up using the above link, you’ll be eligible to obtain 100 Swiftdemand tokens every day plus a bonus for using this referral link. You can leave the tokens to accumulate up to 7 days before collecting, if you prefer. In order to avoid inactive accounts, the amount of coins will not increase after it reaches 700 unless you click the Claim button. Once claimed, you can continue collecting this free token.

Plans have been set in place to do a 1:1 transfer of Swiftdemand tokens to Swift Coins when its cryptocurrency is released later this year.

Swiftdemand can be collected for free at Swiftdemand.

Paccoin (PAC) [Cryptopia Exchange]

And now my favorite of the lot and an absolute bargain. Paccoin is a Proof of Stake (POS) coin, which means that by holding a large number of these coins and keeping your wallet active on your PC – you will be rewarded with more coins. This coin almost died awhile back until the community stepped in and gave it a new lease at life. It’s now planning to update its coin technology in March 2018 and reduce its coin supply to help it compete with (and trade with) larger coins.

At the time of writing this, Paccoin has the lowest price of all coins on Now I’m not the first person to notice this and I won’t be the last. I expect many, many traders to buy up as much Paccoin as they can get their hands on. At such a low price, you could easily make 4x, 100x, even 10,000x your initial investment if you hold onto your coins as more people purchase.

There are lots of traders buying up these coins and staking them to make even more. At the time of writing this article, Paccoin is still at a very good price point and is a bargain.

Paccoin can be traded only with Dogecoin on Cryptopia.

[01/01/2018] Their website mentions that people have had price problems when buying this coin using BTC on Yobit. I’d recommend trading for some Dogecoin and purchasing on Cryptopia until this is sorted.


The Best Coins to Invest In…

And that’s my list for the best coins to invest in at the moment. These coins are all currently at a fantastic price point and have made some great gains so far. As with everything in the crypto world, I cannot guarantee anything in this volatile market and do not take responsibility for any losses that may occur. I’m simply giving you some options that I believe could be a good investment for the future without breaking the bank. To learn more about trading in cryptocurrency, check out How to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire.

Good luck!




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