Best CoinMarketCap Alternative

Best Coinmarketcap Alternative

Best CoinMarketCap Alternative: We like to do something like this every year with the best media players, music players, etc. This year, with cryptocurrency prices rising and it being labeled the official end of the bear market, I would like to share my top pick for the best CoinMarketCap alternative.

Why Would I Want To Use Something Else?

I love CoinMarketCap! I’ve used them religiously since 2017 when I bought my first bitcoin. However, when the bullrun was in full swing, I found that I had to keep CMC and a bunch of other sites open to give me all the info I needed to make successful trades. As great as CMC is, they’ve become a bit convoluted with links that I’ll never use, while missing some that I find important.

What Do Smaller Sites Offer?

I’ve used a number of smaller sites such as CoinGecko, and they were great for a bit, but as sites grow – they lose some of the things that made them great to begin with. Smaller sites are working to become better day-by-day, so they want to hear their users suggestions. Many of them are happy to add on features that will make your crypto analysis easier.

Best CoinMarketCap Alternative

My pick for the best CoinmarketCap Alternative goes to BTCORB. I’ve made a number of suggestions to them to make my own process easier, and they’ve replied quickly letting me know if it’s possible or not. Some of my suggestions weren’t very well thought out, and they explained to me why that is. Other suggestions were quickly added to their site.

Their service is quick and is updated daily with cryptocurrency news, insights, sales, and pretty much anything else you could ask for. If you’re looking for a quick way to get your bitcoin and cryptocurrency news on daily basis, I recommend as your best option for 2020.