Face Mask Pattern – Mouth Mask Pattern

Face Mask Pattern - Mouth Mask Pattern

Face Mask Pattern – Mouth Mask Pattern – Face mask patterns come in varied quality. The better one’s have nose wire and filter options, while the simpler one’s do not. The better one’s usually come with more than 1 patterns and with sizes for both adults and children. I’ve tried a few different patterns and I’ve found that it’s always better to get bundles of patterns rather than individual one’s. This will allow you try out many different options as possible before choosing which one is most comfortable.

Have you ever worn a mask for long periods of time? You can get ear pains if the elastic is too tight. You might have a mask that’s too big/small for your face and keeps moving out of position. There’s also the annoyance of an itchy nose when you have an uncomfortable mask.

Face Mask Pattern

It’s important with any face mask pattern to ensure that your printout is to the correct size. If you’ve ever worked from a pattern and made an item too small, this may be the reason. Most printers default to “fit to page” to ensure that everything fits onto whichever paper you are using. This is great for almost every other project but awful for digital patterns. You have to make sure that your settings are set to “custom size: 100%”. This tells your printer to make an exact duplicate of the PDF onto paper. In this way, you’ll get the exact measurements shown on your digital pattern and all your masks will come out the correct size. As for the pattern, here’s my favorite face mask pattern bundle.

Mouth Mask Pattern

A mouth mask pattern is simply another word for a face mask pattern. It’s not as widely used but generally refers to the same product. It can sometimes be used to differentiate between medical/surgical masks and facial health masks that are applied at night to moisten or exfoliate skin. At the time of writing this, mouth masks are in short supply. So many people, including myself, have turned to sewing our own at home. The CDC has recently stated that cotton face masks are a good way to help protect yourself when out in public. My favorite mouth mask pattern has a high nose (no nose wire required) and goes around your head instead of your ears.

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