3 Ways to Make Money During the Lockdown / Self-Isolation

3 Ways to Make Money During the Lockdown

3 Ways to Make Money During the Lockdown / 3 Ways to Make Money During Self Isolation – Whether you’re unemployed or on a leave from work, it’s never too late to start a side hustle to make some extra money for yourself and your family. Here are 3 great ideas to put some extra cash in your pocket.

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3 Ways to Make Money During Self-Isolation

So let’s break it down and make it quick and easy to get started. You won’t need any previous experience for any of these methods and you’re free to try just one or all three, if you have the time. Give it your all!

Start Your Own Online Store

Before you click away, bear with me for a bit. Although it might sound difficult, I assure you it’s not. Starting an online has become easier than ever. You don’t need to know how to code, and you don’t need to know a thing about website design. Gone are the days of battling to connect your domain to your hosting and slow speeds, etc.

Simply sign up for a free account here and open your online store. So, now that your store is setup, what could you possibly sell? Well, here’s where it gets interesting. We can sell products on an online store without having anything in stock. Here’s how:


Dropshipping basically means that you sell a product online, collect your payment, then order the product from your supplier and ship it directly to your client. You never have to touch the product. Dropshipping is very widely used around the world. If you’ve ever bought a product online, there’s a good chance that you’ve been dropshipped to. The best part is that you can be a complete beginner and have your shop running in a matter of hours. There are automated tools available that can import products directly to your store. You can even automate the fulfillment of your products ie. sending the delivery address to the supplier.

The service that I use not only gives you all the tools to get started, but they also provide you full training in order to get your feet off the ground. You can find this amazing service right here.

Become an Affiliate

My favorite of the 3 ways to make money during the lockdown has to be affiliate sales. Affiliate sales have made many millionaires over the years. Basically, you direct customers to products they are interested in, and you take a commission. For example, if someone was on your website, Facebook, etc and clicked on a link to an Amazon product that they liked – you would get a cut of the payment. And it doesn’t cost the customer anything extra.

This works with many products and services online and is an easy way to make money simply by recommending products. If you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before, don’t worry – there are free resources that can get you from beginner to pro in no time.

My favorite resource for beginners can found here. Simply sign up for FREE (no credit card required) and complete their training. Their incredible training will walk you through every process of starting up your own affiliate business in a matter of days. You’ll go from walking to running in next to no time.

Make and Sell Masks

Yes, this is actually a business idea as surprising as it sounds. Now, of course, this only works if you or someone close to you knows how to sew. But you can make some extra money selling face masks. Now, obviously, you shouldn’t be price gouging. Sell them at a reasonable price and you’ll have a bit of extra money available for an emergency. There’s a few free patterns floating around the internet, but they’re not very good and don’t have a place to add a filter.

Instead, I would recommend getting a premium pattern that comes in a variety of styles and sizes, so that you can have more options for your clientele. Here’s a link to a trusted online company with good reviews and excellent customer support.

3 Ways to Make Money During the Lockdown

I hope that you are now inspired to get started in creating a business that will thrive under any circumstances. When you are your own boss, you never have to worry about being fired again. Even during recessions, online business are able to continue being profitable as you sell to customers from around the world.


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Best of luck!