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Tekken Revolution Free to Play

5 Free to Play Games for PS3

Free to play gaming is a big deal on PC and will be making a big splash on next gen consoles. But all is not lost for current gen gaming, as their are some pretty good free to play games for PS3, that are available to download.

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Game of Thrones 8-bit Fan-Made Platformer

Game of Thrones Fan-Made Retro Platformer Released

A new Game of Thrones game has been released and this time it’s in glorious 8-bit. Though Game of Thrones is the best series on TV, the games haven’t faired so well. This little nugget of gold from developer Abel Alves is actually quite fun to play.

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Attack on Titan 3DS Game

Attack on Titan Update: 3DS Game Details Revealed

There hasn’t been much in the way of news since the announcement of Attack on Titan receiving a 3DS game, but we’ve finally been spoiled with a bit more news thanks to the October issue of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine

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Attack on Titan Fan Made Game

Attack on Titan Fan-Made Game comes to Unity

So one of my all-time favorite anime’s now has a fan-made game. Some awesome developer has put an Attack on Titan game together using the Unity Engine. The game is clearly still in beta but it’s exciting to have something to mess around with, and it’s pretty challenging too.

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Falskaar Mod – Skyrim Free DLC

Falskaar: Skyrim’s Free DLC

Skyrim, one of the greatest games ever made, sees numerous mods being released daily but this particular one is getting a lot of attention (with good reason). With an amazing story and professional presentation, Falskaar is a must-play mod for all Skyrim fans.

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pokemon generations open world

Pokemon Generations: A Fan-Made Open World Multiplayer RPG

Pokemon Generations is the next level of Pokemon battling, within a 3D environment and with multiplayer. This fan-made game is quickly developing into the type of Pokemon game we’ve been hoping for, for years. It’s only a few versions in, and still needs a lot of work, but as it stands now – it looks very, very promising.

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SEGA Castle of Illusion HD Remake

SEGA’s Castle Of Illusion Remake Looks Fantastic

I’m all about remakes and demakes, so it’s no surprise that I’m so thrilled about the upcoming release of SEGA’s popular game Castle of Illusion. The remakes will have a 2.5D gameplay with 3D graphics, and from what I’ve seen so far – the game looks amazing.

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megaman legends 3 demake

Mega Man Legends 3 8-Bit Demake Coming Soon

As a fan of Mega Man in every form, I was disappointed at the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 back in 2011. Fans have pleaded with Capcom for years trying to get them to restart work on the game, but with no success. Luckily for us, Japanese team, DASH 3 Reboot is working on a Mega Man Legends 3 8-Bit demake to ease scorned fans.

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New NES Homebrew Games – Modern Retro Video Games

New NES Homebrew Games: Modern Retro Video Games

All-old school gamers love their pixelated retro games from years gone by when video games were infuriatingly difficult. Those days are gone, but there’s still a small community of developers that generously invest their time to create modern retro games that can still send a chill down our spines. Here are a few new NES homebrew games that you should know about:

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What New Games are Coming Out

What New Games are Coming Out? Here’s a few…

After the E3 game conference, the gaming community is now looking forward to a whole world of next generation gaming. So what new games are coming out soon? From quality open world games to exciting platformers, there are so many games to be excited for, and this article should give you a better idea of what’s offer to get your blood pumping.

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shoot em up farcry 3

Best Shoot ‘Em Ups You Must Play Before Next-Gen

My list of the top shoot ’em up games you must play before next-gen consoles are released. With so many games released on the current generation of consoles, it’s tough to know what which games are worth your time . There are so many amazing games out there and even if you do get the time to play all of them, it will cost you a ridiculous amount of money to purchase them all and kill your social life. So, this article will pretty much sum up the best shoot em ups that you need to play before the PS4 and Xbox One are released.

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Hidden Game Gems Little Known Games

Hidden Game Gems: 3 Little Known Games

There are a variety of little known games out there that just weren’t expected to be a success, and some hidden game gems that have been overlooked. There are games that guide you through mystical worlds and others that can completely alter your perceptions of what great really is. From platform games to first person shooters, there are tons of games out there to discover. What I aim to do with this article is give a well-earned shout-out to some of those games that many PC gamers may not have heard of, because gaming isn’t just about leaderboards and XP.

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Top 5 Video Game Sequels

Top 5 Video Game Sequels That We’re Hoping For

There are certain video games that we just can’t get enough of. Waiting for developers to release a sequel to your favorite video game is an awful experience as some never make it our shelves. These are some of the games that we think should have been made – ages ago.

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Commander Keen Fan-Made

Commander Keen – Download Fan-Made Games Episodes 7, 8 and 9

Commander Keen is one the first side-scrollers that made it big on the PC. At the time, most of the best side-scrollers could only be found on consoles. You can now download 3 full games made – by fans for fans – with the same love and attention that was put into other games in […]

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Top 10 Retro Side Scroller Shooters

Top 10 Retro Side Scroller Shooters (aka Run and Gun)

Before 3D FPS games like Doom were popular, side scroller shooters were insanely popular both in the arcades and at home. This is my list of the TOP 10 Retro Run and Gun Games ever to grace consoles.

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