Anime Review | Attack on Titan: A Bloody Masterpiece

Attack on Titan Review

My favorite action anime this year is a new series called Attack on Titan. Based on the manga series Shingeki no Kyojin, it’s inspiring visuals and deep compelling story makes for an addictive series that’s gained a large following in a short time. Smart, gory and marvellous – this one is something special.


The story is a about a young boy named Eren and his vow to rid the planet of gigantic people-eaters called Titans, who have been terrorising the inhabitants of this planet for over a century. The human race have since enclosed their cities with 3 massive walls to keep these titans out. On one fateful day, the first wall is penetrated, allowing for a barrage of titans to overcome the villagers in this section, eating anyone they come across. Though many manage to escape to the enclosed secondary walls, it’s only a matter of time until the titans make their way all the way through. We follow Eren and his 2 friends, Mikasa and Armin as they get older and wiser, and learn how to fight against these killing machines. As Eren gets older, he learns of something that will change everything he knows about himself.


The Story


The story is deep and well-constructed with enough emotional intensity and action sequences to keep everyone satisfied. I found the first few episodes agonisingly slow-paced but, in hindsight, they were necessary to build up the basis of the story and the characters history. It’s a high production anime with stunning visuals, great music and epic action sequences. The violence and gore can be a little shocking at times, but this only serves to magnify the immersion effect of fighting for your life against insurmountable odds.

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The cliffhangers and plot twists are tantalizing enough to have you scrounging each week for your next fix. I haven’t been this engrossed in an anime series since the first arc of Sword Art Online. The voice acting is top notch, and even though I don’t speak a word of Japanese, the voices fit well with each character, and have a necessary depth of emotion and intensity. The pace can be pretty uneven at times. You’ll watch an action-packed episode with massive carnage followed by an episode with all talk and filler. Though this can be a little annoying, it’s not taking to the extremes as with Dragonball Z for example, and it’s definitely not enough to ruin the series.

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