Day: September 18, 2013

Punk Classics 8-Bit

Punk Classics Remade Into 8-Bit Retro Gold

I love punk rock and I love retro gaming, so when I heard about Punk Goes 8-Bit’s new album, I was quick to download it. Basically, he’s converted 12 punk rock songs into 8-bit high quality MP3 versions of themselves. There’s a variety of songs to

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Iron Man 3 16Bit Gameplay Speedrun

Iron Man 3 Reimagined as a 16-Bit Game (Speedrun)

It’s seems to be a popular idea these days to recreate movies as 8 or 16-bit games. I’m a big fan of these and the latest Iron Man 3 16-bit gameplay version doesn’t disappoint. The speedrun footage quickly cuts through the mess that was Iron Man 3

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Batman 8-Bit

Batman The Dark Knight Summarized in Glorious 8-Bit

A new video on Cinefix’s Youtube channel has the Dark Knight movie, aptly converted into an 8-bit masterpiece. It’s played out as levels of a retro game, showing us the main scenes of the movie compacted into a video that’s just over 3 mintues long.

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