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Fan-Made Movies

5 Fan-Made Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

With more and more fan-made movies popping up online, I thought I’d share some of my favorite so far. It’s impossible to list every fan project out there, but there are 5 in particular that caught my attention. These short movies  are truly a testament to what’s possible when dedicated fans work together.

Our Top Fan-Made Movies :

5. R’ha

This computer animated gem is the sole creation of Kaleb Lechowski, set in a futuristic world of aliens and self-aware machines.


4. Wonderwoman

Beautiful but deadly, Wonderwoman is shown at her finest, kicking ass and taking names.


3. Mortal Kombat

This kick-ass short movie is both well-choreographed and funny. Scorpion and Noob Saibot are pitted against each other in a fight to the death.


2. Portal: No Escape

This beautiful setpiece involves a woman imprisoned in a room with no memory of how she got there, and her attempt to escape.


1. Killzone: Intercept

This is easily one of the finest short fan-made movies around. Set in the Killzone universe, this touching story combines action and great visual effects to provide a precursor to Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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