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MCM London Comic Con Review 2014


Comic Con Outdoor Party

The cosplay on the other hand was phenomenal. From anime to comic books, there were a lot of unique, well-made costumes on display. Though I love anime-based costumes, there were some mind-blowing original designs as well. I spent most of my day walking around taking pictures of the costumes on show while completely missing the Cosplay Competition.


However, a friend of mine who did go, noticed that many cosplayers didn’t attend. There were no announcements of any sort during the day, and I assume most people, like myself, were caught up the atmosphere of the day and oblivious to time.


There weren’t too many panels that caught my interest. I did go to see the makers of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, The Lego Movie Videogame and Lego The Hobbit. The game designers gave a bit of insight into the process involved in making games of this magnitude and it was pretty educational.


Phil LaMarr’s panel was easily one of the highlights of the day. Phil is a genuinely funny guy and he had the crowd firmly in the palm of his hand throughout his interview. The crowd, made up mostly of fans, threw out some great questions and Phil was kind enough to exhibit many characters voices along with some great impressions.


An assortment of comics and apparel were available (as expected) and I enjoyed myself at the booths with numerous friendly and chatty sellers. Though the place was packed and it was sometimes difficult to squeeze through the crowd, everyone had a smile on their face. People had gathered from all walks of life to celebrate geek culture and inclusiveness and the end result was a fun day without any incidents.


Outside, the party atmosphere continued with attendees dancing vigorously to Japanese/electro tunes. I called it a night just after 7 but the crowds were still milling around and having fun long after the DJ had played his last track.

My highs were definitely the cosplayers and the booths. Phil LaMarr, of course, was a show-stealer and the crowd was great. Though there were some areas that could have used some work, all in all, I’d call this year’s London Comic Con a success.



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