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Top 5 Video Game Sequels

Top 5 Video Game Sequels That We’re Hoping For

People LOVE sequels and follow Ups. No matter whether it’s for a game or a film, we always want that satisfying feeling of unraveling an intense and attractive plot. However, developers of such intense and persuasive games tend to think that all gamers want only follow-ups and, well, pretty much REPEATS of overrated first person shooters. So, I have compiled a (small) list of sequels that we (the unheard voices) really want to see in the coming months, whether next generation consoles or not!


1. Mirrors Edge 2

Top 5 Video Game Sequels - spore Mirrors Edge was a well earned  and deserved success. Its clever combination of first person combat and bright , free flowing parkour was a joy to play , with a storyline that prevented you from putting down your controller.

It was also written by the same person who wrote the storylines for video game successes such as Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and Viking: Battle for Asgard . Create a sequel, using an up-to-date graphics engine and Dice’s upcoming Frostbite 3 software, then EA, you’ll have a winner on your hands. We know that Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently in the works, let’s just hope it actually makes to the shelves.


2 . Spore 2

Top 5 Video Game Sequels - spore Nothing beats unlimited creativity, and that’s what Spore brought to the table.  Spore was a game in which you could create your own species and watch them grow from tiny cells to universal superpowers. All the while creating their spaceships and war machines with a simple to use creation tool.

You get a great deal of satisfaction in seeing your creations take on other random species of aliens, which is enough on its own – to laugh at the weird and wonderfulness of each one you encounter. A second Spore (which would definitely be an interesting experience on next gen consoles) should consist of more creation, more exploration and, of course, more of my (not so successful) SUPER WAR MACHINES!

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3. Just Cause 3

Top 5 Video Game Sequels - Just Cause What’s that you say? You want to put remote explosives on a plane, whilst standing on the roof of the cockpit just before you fly into an oil rig – so you can jump off, detonate the explosives and watch your plane act as a flaming missile?   Well then, Just Cause 2 is the game for you.

You could do pretty much ANYTHING in the 400 square mile island of Panau. From driving a sports car, to destroying an entire military base using a hijacked government fighter plane.Simply put, this game has an ENDLESS amount of fun things to do, making time fly by as you try to cross the sprawling city, the luxury tropical forest, or mountainous arctic environment; buying developers enough time to create a sequel that will not only be a Game Of The Year contender, but one heck of a leap forward for games of its genre and setting the standard for even greater games.

Bigger, Bolder and Better are the only requirements needed for an even more ludicrously fun open world sandbox game, quite capable of satisfying your gaming fix for a very, very long time…

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