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Top 10 Retro Side Scroller Shooters

Top 10 Retro Side Scroller Shooters (aka Run and Gun)

So this is a list of my favorite side scroller shooter games from back in the day. When I think of a side scroller shooter games, I pretty much always thinking of someone with a gun shooting everything in sight.

Technically, games like Gradius and Lifeforce could technically fall into into this category but I’ll do a top 10 Space Shooters article when I have the time.


Number 10 –┬áSunset Riders (SNES)

side scroller shooters_sunset riders

Sunset Riders was a hit in arcades around the world. You’ve got cowboys, horses, trains and lots of shooting.

Throw in a 2-player co-op mode and you’ve got the perfect game. It’s a short but fun game that let’s you catch outlaws “Dead or Alive.”




Number 9 – Earthworm Jim
(Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)

side scroller shooters_earthworm jim

Earthworm Jim is easily the funniest game on this list. It had lots of shooting and platforming action and with lots of humor thrown in.

It has some great cartoon-style animation and catapulting cows. Enough said!






Number 8 – Super Star Wars

side scroller shooters_super star wars

Winner of the “Best Action/Adventure Game of 1992” award, Super Star Wars was an epic adventure on the SNES console.

Based on Episode IV of the Star Wars franchise, it consisted of lots of Run and gun gameplay as well as some X-wing and landspeeder cruising to break up the repetition. It’s a definite must-play.





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  1. My favorite game of all time is Megaman X!

  2. Where’s Metroid?


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