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Play PC Games on PS3

Possibility to Play PC Games on PS3?

First off can it be done? Well, the answer is mostly no but sort of yes…

Okay, so what I’m trying to say, is that if you want to copy your PC game onto your PS3 to play – that’ll never work. Neither will popping your PC game DVD/Blu-Ray into PS3.


I’ve searched everywhere for more information on this topic and have receive mostly mixed and confused information. I’ve written this to clear up what can and cannot be done with the PS3s hardware.

There are only 2 ways to (sort of) play PC games on your PS3.


Be warned: Both methods will void your warranty, and modifications to your PS3 may result in a ban from online gaming with PSN.

The first is by streaming the game from your PC to your PS3 – which obviously requires you own both systems and have them running simultaneously.

The second is by installing Linux onto your PS3 which will allow you to play very old PC games on it. However, the Linux feature was removed by Sony a few years ago which makes it more difficult to install now.



A company called StreamMyGame has created software that allows you to send both the audio and video from your PC to your PS3 in real time! And as this software is slowly going multi-platform, it creates some great opportunities for a variety of devices.  For example, you can have the latest release playing on your high spec PC in the living room, while you play it from your laptop in bed.

The same idea works with your PS3. Play your games from the comfort of sofa, while your PC does all the graphical processing work in another room. It’s a convenient way of wirelessly playing games from anywhere in your home.

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I currently have my PC plugged directly into my TV for convenience but it annoys my wife to no ends and I may need to start streaming in the near future.


Play PC Games on PS3

Linux Installation

Installing Linux on your PS3 is the other alternative though this but this is more difficult then it was before. When the PS3 supported alternative OS’s, it was fairly simple to do a quick Linux install. Now that the feature has been removed, you’d need to be on an old firmware or use a custom firmware in order to install Linux – which will result in a ban, should you use PSN features.

Installing Linux requires your PS3 to be on firmware 3.55 or below.

With a Linux install, you’d be able to use a keyboard and mouse on your PS3, install Windows, run apps like Microsoft Office and even install some emulators like the SNES and SEGA emulators, for example.

You can find out more about Linux Installation here.

So there you have it:

The only 2 ways to play PC games on your PS3, I hope this clears up some of the misconceptions that people have over what can and cannot be done. Your PS3 will never be able to emulate a PC completely and allow you to play high spec games on it. But, if you’re looking to stream games from one device to another, then the PS3 does this rather impressively.

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