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Pokemon Generations: A Fan-Made Open World Multiplayer RPG

Pokemon Generations is the next level of Pokemon battling, within a 3D environment and with multiplayer. This fan-made game is quickly developing into the type of Pokemon game we’ve been hoping for, for years. It’s only a few versions in, and still needs a lot of work, but as it stands now – it looks very, very promising.


The Pokemon games have always been popular and that will probably never change, but as fun as they are, fans have always wanted to participate in an open-world real-time battle. The developers of the game are fans of the series and are creating this game as a labour of love. At the moment, there are only 6 Pokemon available with more to be added with later updates.


You can play either the single player game, which is a bit limited at the moment, and catch the 6 available Pokemon or go head-to-head against some friends in multiplayer mode. I’m extremely excited at what this game could become with time, but let’s just hope that Nintendo doesn’t hit them with a cease and desist. You can download the game at their official forum here.


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  1. its C&D now isnt it? GOD DAMN IT NINTENDO they are not a) using for their finiancial gain. b) may be using pokemon but their own designs and C) if i made a FLASH pokemon parody eg PETA’s Pokemon etc its not C&D wtf?

  2. Poke Generations will be a game YOU WILL NEVER MAKE NINTENDO!


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