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Play Steam Games on your Tablet Phone

How to Play Steam Games on your Tablet / Phone

For years companies have tried to allow all you gamers to play Steam games on your tablets and phones. Until now, they have run into major technical difficulties along the way. These have manifested in the form of lag or insufficient available servers. The most notable company that comes to mind is OnLive – that discontinued all services in 2015.

There are two known ways to play Steam games on your tablet or phone. One is to run it on your PC and stream it to your device. The other way is to physically run it on your device. OnLive started as a streaming company in its first iteration but after suffering scaling issues (due to demand), disappeared into obscurity. It resurfaced in 2014 as a companion app, allowing people to stream games that they already owned onto other devices. Unfortunately, this too was unsuccessful and eventually they sold off all their patents to Sony.

Since then, a lot has changed and a new company has found a way to circumnavigate the issues that made a great idea, in theory, fall on its face.


Play Steam Games on your Tablet / Phone

I’ve been looking into a company called LiquidSky and they’ve have started a very interesting project. With their app, gamers are able to access any of their Steam, Origin or Blizzard games on their tablet or phone. There are both free and paid plans available depending on your level of commitment.

Streaming AAA titles would normally be very difficult to do without lag. But it’s made possible due to LiquidSky taking advantage of IBM’s public cloud infrastructure. With this they are able to tap into data centers around the world as demand increases, without needing to purchase and install new servers worldwide.

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Their latest update, LiquidSky 2.0 Beta, has now put its Android version on par with its Windows version. So you are now able to play Steam games on your tablet wherever you are.

So How Does It Work?

When you install the PC or Android app – you’ll be given a unique virtual PC where you can download new games as well have access to games that you already own in Steam, Origin, Blizzard or GOG. This technology also allows you to play these games regardless of how underpowered your old Android device is.

And the best part is – many gamers will be able to access this service for FREE! There are 3 options currently available on their website. Two are paid options and the third allows you access to the service in exchange for you watching some ads.

So, if you’re interested in playing Steam games on your tablet, pick up a good bluetooth controller for your Android device, download the app and get ready for a revolutionary gaming experience.


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