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Free Fan-Made Game

Free Fan-Made “Halloween” Game is a Treat

Just in time for Halloween, Pig Farmer Productions has released a free fan-made adaption of the classic Halloween film in the form of a game. Pig Farmer Productions have a knack for taking slasher/horror movies and converting them into “B-film-like” games. Don’t expect next-gen graphics, but rather a slender-like experience that’ll send chills down your spine.


From their website: “Halloween is a freeware fan game inspired by 80′s slasher flicks and PSX survival horror games. It took about 10 months to make…


If you enjoy scary slasher/survival horror games, you can download Halloween (edit 04/07/2017 – Babysitter Bloodbath for free from Pig Farmer Productions website, and be sure to check out the other games they have available on their site.

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